Keynote / Tutorial Proposal Submissions

Keynote / Tutorial Proposal Submission Deadline is 15 July 2021!
Important Dates
15 July 2021 Keynote / Tutorial Proposal deadline
1 August 2021 Keynote / Tutorial Proposal acceptance notification

We invite team submissions for CCN 2021 Keynote & Tutorial speakers. This year we are planning an innovative online format for these talks. Each keynote talk will be followed by a data/code tutorial to give attendees a hands-on look at the results. We hope these tutorials will give the audience a look “under the hood”, highlighting scientific assumptions, interpretations, open questions, analysis tricks, etc. The tutorial should enable the audience to carry out new analyses. In order to democratize the speaker selection process, we are inviting research teams to submit proposals via an open call.

CCN is a forum for discussion among cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence researchers dedicated to understanding the computations that underlie complex behavior. We encourage research group leaders with work relevant to these areas to apply, along with the collaborator(s) who will lead the tutorial. For more details on the event format, see our FAQs.


  • What is the format of the event and how long will it be?
    We envision a traditional one-hour keynote talk with questions to be followed by a two-to-three-hour tutorial. However, this format is flexible.
  • Who should present?
    A faculty member or research group leader should give the talk along with the collaborator(s)/co-author(s) (e.g., a postdoc or graduate student) who will lead the tutorial.
  • What platform will you use?
    We plan to use a video streaming platform such as Crowdcast for the talk, along with an online code sharing platform for the tutorial (such as Google Collab). Coding platform, data (if applicable) and tutorials should be open source / open access and require minimal or no prior installations.

Application Content

  • 2-page limit
  • Talk abstract
  • Tutorial outline, including
    • What are the learning goals for the tutorial?
    • To whom do you envision this tutorial to be most useful?
    • Tutorial programming language and suggested platform/environment
  • A list of people involved and their roles.

Submission Method

Create a single PDF file which contains the information listed in the Application Content section, click the Start a new Proposal button below, fill in the listed fields and attach your PDF proposal application document.

You will need to have the email addresses of all of the co-applicants that are part of the proposal. By typing their names you confirm that everyone is willingly part of this proposal application, and we will email confirmation to all of these co-applicants.

All proposals should be submitted online through the link below:

The deadline for submitting or revising invited session proposals has passed.

All who submitted proposals will be informed of the decisions of the program committee of CCN 2021 by email on 1 August 2021.

Questions regarding keynotes or tutorials may be directed to